Defiance XLP-140

An adaptable, COMPACT PLOW with FULL-SIZE Wings.

Engineered to move snow FAST!

Expanding Loader Plow

At Defiance Snowplows, we know that your ability to control snow directly impacts your bottom line, so we’ve designed the XLP-140 to respond quickly to all plowing conditions. Not only that, when the job is done, you can fold your wings and roll to your next job in an 8.5’ compact blade width. 

Unlike short winged plows, the Defiance XLP-140 offers FULL-SIZED wings so you can maximize your efficiency with each pass. When it’s time to clear narrow areas, the wings can be rotated to a stowed position behind the main blade. In this compact position you can plow tight spaces and driveways with ease.

Our BIG WINGS™ Make all the Difference

Compact Design

Whether you’re on the road, on a trailer, or in a tight spot, the Defiance XMP-140 folds down to just 8.5’ wide so you’re road legal. Best of all, you can fold and unfold on the fly.

Windrow Snow

With a 14’ wide angle plow, you will be moving snow faster than ever. Ideal for parking lots, roads, and driveways, the ability to windrow a wide pass means you’re onto the next job faster.

Scoop + Windrow

Our proprietary folding wings let you scoop and carry a bigger load than with a straight blade. The windrow scoop feature clears closer to buildings and curbs while pulling the snow away so you stay in the machine longer.

Scoop + Push

In the scoop configuration, the XLP-140 is a real plowing machine. And when it’s time to clean-up, watch the snow trails disappear as the Big Wings contain the snow and finish the job in record time.

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