Our Story

From the inventors and designers of the BOSS® and Blizzard® snow plows comes a way to move more snow, more efficiently.

When Cal Niemela, President of Defiance Snowplows by The Kingstar Company, and Phil Quenzi collaborated on the development of an expanding rear-mount plow, they quickly realized the value it would bring to the market. Not only can you move snow more efficiently, mounting the XMP on the rear of a 3/4 or 1-Ton pickup truck means that your drivers don’t need CDL’s to move snow for you – a critical need in today’s market.

After prototyping and two seasons of field testing, we are extremely excited to bring the XMP to market and help plow operators move more snow, more efficiently.

Our History


Cal Niemela gets tired of chasing snow trails and concepts the world’s first MULTI-POSITION V-plow.


First generation plows are developed in Hancock, MI under the Defiance Snowplow brand.


Plows are re-branded BOSS snowplows and produced in Calumet, MI.


The Niemela family licenses the BOSS plow to Systems Control in Iron Mountain, Michigan.


The Niemela brothers concept the Blizzard expanding snow plow and begin manufacturing.


Blizzard plows is a worldwide brand and sells to Douglas Dynamics.