Defiance XMP Features

The first rear-mount expandable plow that folds and pivots.

Engineered for every driver.

Pivot on the fly.

The XMP is the first drag plow with true windrowing capability. So, no matter if you’re folded or unfolded, having a pivoting drag plow means you’re able to move more snow in fewer passes.

Go wide. 16' wide.

The XMP unfolds at the touch of a button to a massive 16-foot width, making it ideal for plowing parking lots, driveways, and municipal roads.

240º of adjustability.

Straight blade, box blade, scoop, z-plow, or angle plow, the only limit is your imagination. No matter if you’re pushing or pulling snow, the XMP folds into the perfect shape for the job.

Folds up tight.

Whether you’re on the move or in a tight spot, the XMP’s expandable wings fold up to 8′ wide. When you finish your job you can quickly tuck it into the stowed position and you’re onto the next one. Easy.

Other Features

With lighted indicators, work lights, and a bright flashing safety light, you’ll have high visibility and know where your wings are at all times.

The urethane skid shoes on the XMP can take on roads, driveways, and curbs.

The Defiance XMP rear mount makes it quick and easy to install and remove. 

Our unique live cutting edge conforms to irregular surfaces, producing a cleaner job.

A plow is only as good as its controller. The XMP controller is easy to use and see no matter when you’re plowing and includes automatic preset blade positioning.

We designed the XMP hydraulic system with wing pressure relief so there is no need for
shear pins.

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